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The "All About Automation" in Friedrichshafen recorded 35 percent more visitors than in the previous year and the Weiss Robotics team also noticed that. "We haven't had any breaks in the last two days," says Sales and Marketing Manager Sascha Wittig. "And that was a good thing, because we were able to help many customers with their specific questions."

They came directly to the stand with their components in order to discuss solutions in the “handicraft corner” provided especially for this purpose.

GRIPLINK, the link for servo-electric grippers

Many of the visitors were enthusiastic about the GRIPLINK technology. “Many people like the idea of having less integration effort for grippers and tools thanks to smart technology. "Servo-electric grippers are often more sensitive, flexible and efficient to use than conventional models," says Sascha Wittig. But the CLG 30-006, one of the world's smallest servo-electric gripper modules, also aroused interest. It has an IO-Link interface and is particularly suitable for handling very delicate components such as those found in the electronics industry.

WPG 300-120 Ultra flexible and with cloud connection

For the trade fair presentation, a Denso robot was equipped with the ultra-flexible WPG 300-120 gripper, which has a gripping force of over 300 N and can be connected directly to the cloud.

"The regional concept of the fair suits us very well," says Sascha Wittig. "With this in mind, we are already looking forward to the next "All About Automation" in Heilbronn on May 10th and 11th, 2023.

Energy efficiency and flexibility play a major role in today's production landscape of German mechanical engineering and this means that easy integration is becoming increasingly important. Pneumatic gripping modules, while still very inexpensive, are also limited in their application. Changing the component to be produced can therefore quickly mean time-consuming retooling. Servo-electric gripping systems are much more flexible here, but have so far required more integration. That changes with GRIPLINK. Because this technology serves as a real bridge between the robot and the component and a significantly shorter programming and changeover time.

We therefore recommend our customers to use pneumatic gripping systems wherever simple gripping tasks need to be solved. Thanks to GRIPLINK, servo-electric grippers can be used wherever you want to save energy and have to react flexibly to product cycles.

Andrey Domnyshev is a development engineer at Weiss Robotics


Andrey Domnyshev is a development engineer and has been working at WEISS Robotics since May last year. Originally, he had only planned to write his thesis. Then he signed on as a working student and finally he stayed. "I was fascinated by the complexity of gripper technology," he says.

Andrey Domnyshev originally comes from southern Siberia and studied “Automation” in Cologne and graduated with a master's degree.

“What I like about WEISS Robotics is that you can try things out. During my final thesis, I developed my own electric gripper, which I was then allowed to manufacture myself. Big companies don't offer you that!” Andrey Domnyshev also appreciates the family atmosphere in the company.

"It's nice to have helpful colleagues and a boss who takes time for you. I'm sure I can still learn a lot here in the future and make my contribution to the company's success!"

There were a lot of things we couldn't do during the Corona pandemic, but some things we were really good at. For example, we were able to work very intensively on our product developments.

The CLG 30-006 was developed during this time and now complements our product portfolio with a real specialist for handling small parts.

Feeding dermatological samples into a microscope used to be a laborious manual process that required a certain amount of finesse. This process can be automated with smart grippers, as our application example shows.


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