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This gripper handles small parts smartly

As the pandemic takes hold of the world in 2020, many companies want to protect their employees, minimize contacts and automate core processes.

It turns out that companies whose production is at least partially automated have an advantage. For them, it is easier to comply with distance rules without reducing production. Automation also helps to bring value chains back to Germany and thus to become more independent of global crises.

„Smart robotics offers us the chance to replace repetitive or physically hard work and thus improve working conditions.“ – Dr. Karsten Weiß, Founder and CEO of Weiss Robotics.

Weiss Robotics has been developing intelligent gripping systems for industry and Cobot applications since its foundation in 2008. With the new CLG 30-006, Weiss Robotics 2020 has expanded its product portfolio by a true specialist for small parts handling.

Automation simplifies processes

Challenging tasks require smart, flexible solutions. The servo-electric gripper CLG  has an internal memory for gripping force, opening and closing width and speed. This allows each work step to be stored individually in the work program. Since you need neither special software nor control for this incomparably small and light servo-electric gripper, it can be easily and quickly integrated into any process and laboratory automation.

Sensor-less gripping part detection

The CLG has an integrated gripping force control with gripper part detection and grip monitoring. This guarantees safe handling even in difficult situations. Thanks to its precise servo-electric drive, the gripper fingers can be flexibly pre-positioned to grip different workpieces without retooling. An application with a CLG therefore already pays off with small quantities and is ideally suited for flexible production.

Advantage IO-Link

IO-Link is a fieldbus-independent interface with which complete communication down to the "last meter" of the field level can be used. With IO-Link, the CLG is connected to the control level via a cost-effective point-to-point connection. As an open interface, IO-Link can be integrated into all common fieldbus and automation systems. All gripper parameters can be read in live and thus accelerate the production process.

A true professional for small parts handling

Due to its compact design, the CLG can be easily integrated into devices with limited space or mounted on small robots. With its infinitely variable force control from 10-30 N, the CLG can handle even the smallest and filigree workpieces with ease. The otherwise common external proximity switches are not required, which minimizes the interfering contour of the gripper and significantly increases process reliability.

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