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Dexterity required!

Smart colleague likes to solve tricky tasks

Delia has been working at WEISS ROBOTICS since 2008. "I came across the position quite by accident through an ad on Facebook," she remembers. She is actually a trained vehicle painter. On her Instagram account "alfa.delisches" she shares pictures of really cool painted car bodies - her "works of art". At WEISS Robotics, she now assembles servo-electric gripper modules full-time. “I immediately liked the fact that the products are so filigree in structure, but very robust when finished. It also gives me a real kick when I can troubleshoot a repair job and eventually find and fix the problem!” Delia also describes herself privately as a "screwdriver". "For example, I like to build Lego with my kids," says the mother of two. Above all, what she finds smart about her colleagues is that they value mutual trust, collegiality and good communication more than bureaucratic processes. “We help each other and stick together. Our boss also sets an example."

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