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Andrey Domnyshev is a development engineer at Weiss Robotics


Andrey Domnyshev is a development engineer and has been working at WEISS Robotics since May last year. Originally, he had only planned to write his thesis. Then he signed on as a working student and finally he stayed. "I was fascinated by the complexity of gripper technology," he says.

Andrey Domnyshev originally comes from southern Siberia and studied “Automation” in Cologne and graduated with a master's degree.

“What I like about WEISS Robotics is that you can try things out. During my final thesis, I developed my own electric gripper, which I was then allowed to manufacture myself. Big companies don't offer you that!” Andrey Domnyshev also appreciates the family atmosphere in the company.

"It's nice to have helpful colleagues and a boss who takes time for you. I'm sure I can still learn a lot here in the future and make my contribution to the company's success!"

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