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WEISS ROBOTICS zu Besuch an der Columbia University

In the heart of New York City, the research group led by Prof. Shuran Song at Columbia University, one of the world's most important universities, is working with gripper modules from Weiss Robotics.

The university combines research and teaching at its location with the enormous resources of the big city with the aim of attracting a diverse and international faculty, staff and student body, supporting research and teaching on global issues and establishing academic relationships with many countries and regions. And so the contacts from New York extend to Ludwigsburg in Swabia.

The "DextAIRity" research project at the Columbia Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Lab (CAIR) aims to use robots to handle various textile materials. For this purpose, a cobot from Universal Robots was equipped with the WSG 50 gripper module from Weiss Robotics. The universal servo gripper with a stroke of 110 mm and a gripping force of 80 N can be flexibly controlled and is therefore particularly suitable for sensitive handling of limp fiber materials. "The WSG 50 can be controlled directly from a PC via the integrated Ethernet interface - an important feature for our project," explains Cheng Chi, software developer at CAIR.

Dr. Karsten Weiß, Managing Director of Weiss Robotics, and Sales and Marketing Manager Sascha Wittig are using their stay in New York on the occasion of Interphex 2023 to make a short detour to the Data Science Institute to find out more about the research project. "We are very impressed by the work of Prof. Shuran Song and her team," says Dr. Karsten Weiß about the visit. “We are very happy when our technologies are used in research projects. This underlines the enormous flexibility of our products.”


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