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Which gripper would you like...?

Servo-electric grippers save energy and pneumatic grippers are easier to integrate?

Energy efficiency and flexibility play a major role in today's production landscape of German mechanical engineering and this means that easy integration is becoming increasingly important. Pneumatic gripping modules, while still very inexpensive, are also limited in their application. Changing the component to be produced can therefore quickly mean time-consuming retooling. Servo-electric gripping systems are much more flexible here, but have so far required more integration. That changes with GRIPLINK. Because this technology serves as a real bridge between the robot and the component and a significantly shorter programming and changeover time.

We therefore recommend our customers to use pneumatic gripping systems wherever simple gripping tasks need to be solved. Thanks to GRIPLINK, servo-electric grippers can be used wherever you want to save energy and have to react flexibly to product cycles.

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