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Servo-electric handling solution for collaborative applications with Universal Robots, Techman Robot und Doosan Robotics. Includes gripper module CIG 200-030, mounting plate, cables and GRIPKIT Software (on USB drive). Note: Please order fingers separately.

Size L
Full stroke 30 mm
Gripping force 75-200 N
Cycle time 0.41 s
Workpiece weight (form fit / force fit) 4.3 kg / 1.0 kg
Communication USB
Kinematics parallel


Estimated delivery by 21.08.2024

Product description


With GRIPKIT CR EASY, Weiss Robotics offers a gripping solution that significantly simplifies the entry into collaborative handling technology. The gripping parameters are set directly via the integrated USB interface. Benefit from reliable gripping technology at attractive conditions.

Plug & Play

In 20 minutes from unpacking to the running application! The GRIPKIT-CR-EASY offers full Weiss Robotics quality at an unbeatable price. With integrated workpiece detection and adjustable gripping force up to 200 N, even the most demanding handling tasks become EASY.

Accessories GRIPKIT EASY


95,00 €/pcs.


URCap Plugin for Universal Robots
Instruction Manual GRIPKIT-CR-EASY for Universal Robots (German/English)
Instruction Manual GRIPKIT-CR-EASY for Techman Robot (German/English)
Integration for Doosan Robots
Instruction Manual GRIPKIT-CR-EASY for Doosan Robotics (German/English)
GRIPKIT brochure 2020 (German/English)
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