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Interface converter with integrated web interface for simple parameterization, control and monitoring of gripping modules of the series CRG, IEG, RPG, ZPG. Integration solutions available for robots from FANUC, YASKAWA and Epson. Other manufacturers and types on Inquiry. Supply voltage 24 V DC, interface 10/100 Mbps Ethernet. Connections 4x M12 IO-LINK, 2x M8 Ethernet, 2x M8 power supply. Dimensions (LxWxH) 145x34x25 mm.

Supply voltage 18..30 V DC
Power supply (no devices connected) 70 mA
Power output per port 2 A (max)
Communication standard IO-Link V1.1
Network interface 2 x 10/100 MBit/s Ethernet
Protection class IP65
Weight 220 g
Dimensions (L x W x H) 145 x 34 x 32.5 mm


Estimated delivery by 16.07.2024

Product description

Robust Technology

GRIPLINK-ET4 is a robust and field-capable IO-Link master with integrated GRIPLINK technology in a compact design. GRIPLINK-ET4 can be mounted directly on the end-of-arm tool or housed in the control cabinet. Due to its high protection class of IP 65, it also withstands adverse environmental conditions.


Four independent ports with robust M12 connectors according to the IO-Link standard enable the setup of complete end-of-arm tools with multiple smart components. GRIPLINK-ET4 provides an integrated switch functionality with two independent 100BaseT Ethernet interfaces to easily connect to the robot system. Each IO-Link device port has a status light that visualizes the current device state. This allows you on site to see at a glance if something is not right.

Configuration via website

Whether in the project planning phase or during operation - the integrated web interface allows an easy and convenient access to all connected components of your end-of-arm tool. Simply access GRIPLINK-ET4 directly via web browser from the local network or remotely to check the current process stability or use the data to analyze your production process.

Scale your application

To build even larger end-of-arm tools, GRIPLINK-ET4 can be easily cascaded. To do this, you can simply loop through both power supply and network. This helps you reduce cabling and keep the installation manageable.

Using the optional PROXY license, you can combine multiple GRIPLINK-ET4 controllers into a virtual GRIPLINK network and address it from the robot program as if it were a single "large" GRIPLINK. Thus, connect up to eight GRIPLINK-ET4 controllers with each other and realize end-of-arm tools with up to 32 smart components.


GRIPLINK-ET4 enables both the easy integration of smart gripping modules from Weiss Robotics and third-party smart sensors and actuators into industrial robot applications.


With GRIPLINK-ET4, you can detect deviations at an early stage and take countermeasures in time. GRIPLINK-ET4 connects your process with third-party analysis tools.


GRIPLINK-ET4 unifies the control of end-of-arm components. Whether laser sensor, servo gripper or valve terminal - GRIPLINK-ET4 brings maximum flexibility to your application.


GRIPLINK-ET4 brings a high level of machine availability to your plant. Benefit from increased productivity through predictive maintenance.


With GRIPLINK-ET4, you live Smart Factory. Monitor all relevant parameters via the integrated dashboard and always have your end-of-arm tool under tight control.


With GRIPLINK-ET4, your application becomes agile. You can quickly adapt the gripping process to changing requirements via the integrated web interface.

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