IEG series

IEG series

IEG 76-030 ESD

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Servo-electric gripper module, ESD version, with sensorless force control, integrated part detection and monitoring, pre-positionable fingers. Gripping force 200 N, stroke 30 mm, IO-Link interface.

Product IEG 55-020 IEG 76-030
Full stroke 20 mm 30 mm
Gripping force 10-30 N 75-200 N
Cycle time 0.26 s 0.31 s
Weight 2,7 kg 4,3 kg
Communication IO-Link IO-Link
Kinematics parallel parallel



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ESD compatible gripping modules

The grippers of the IEG ESD series are available for handling sensitive electronic components and assemblies for Industry 4.0. The consistently conductive design of the IEG ESD gripping modules enables safe and ESD-compliant handling of electronic components and assemblies. This is of central importance especially in the area of THT assembly, the separation and palletizing of assemblies or general handling in the SMD production process and in automated end-of-line testers.

Sichere Handhabung elektronischer Baugruppen mit den neuen Greifern der IEG ESD-Reihe WEISS ROBOTICS
eingebaute Greifsteuerung WEISS ROBOTICS


The gripping modules of the IEG series have a built-in gripping control with a hybrid force regulator. This guarantees safe handling even in difficult situations. External position sensors or manually set limit switches are not required, because the IEG gripping modules have an integrated high-resolution position measuring system, the virtual limit switches of which can be easily parameterized via IO-Link. By eliminating external sensors, the interference contour is minimized and the gripping process is significantly more reliable.

Sensor-less gripping force control

Thanks to the integrated gripping force control, brittle, fragile or flexible parts can be gripped safely and reliably. Using the latest model-based approaches, the current gripping force is determined from the drive status and fed to the gripping force control integrated in the gripper as an actual value. This technology guarantees high movement dynamics of the fingers even with small gripping forces. Up to four different grips can be stored in the gripping module. Both gripping range and gripping force can be preselected and thus optimally matched to the gripping part.

WEISS ROBOTICS Modellbasierte Regelung
WEISS ROBOTICS integrierte IO-Link-Schnittstelle


The integrated IO-Link interface creates flexibility. It not only simplifies the connection to the process control using a standardized protocol, but also simplifies parameterization and diagnostics in the system. Always have your process under control.

Condition-based maintenance

You can access the characteristic parameters of the gripping process provided by the gripping module at any time via IO-Link. In this way, you can not only query the current gripping distance, but also the number of gripping cycles remaining until the next inspection in order to better plan maintenance intervals. Always keep your system in optimal condition with intelligent gripping modules from Weiss Robotics.

WEISS ROBOTICS Wartungsintervalle besser zu planen.
WEISS ROBOTICS wartungsfreie bürstenlose DC-Servomotor


The robust and smooth-running roller bearing guide enables precise and sensitive gripping over the entire stroke. The gripping force is almost independent of the finger length. The maintenance-free brushless DC servo motor ensures high dynamics and a long service life.

Accessories IEG series


239,00 €/pcs.


323,00 €/pcs.


239,00 €/pcs.


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441,00 €/pcs.

Basic plates BE-16

from 23,00 €/pcs.

Basic plates BE-20

from 77,00 €/pcs.

DP 16-005

41,00 €/pcs.

DP 20-005

32,00 €/pcs.

Finger elements FE-16

from 53,00 €/pcs.

Finger elements FE-20

from 81,00 €/pcs.

Grip inserts FT-16

from 41,00 €/pcs.

Grip inserts FT-20

from 73,00 €/pcs.

T-elements TE-16

from 52,00 €/pcs.

T-elements TE-20

from 72,00 €/pcs.

AC 16-020

51,00 €/pcs.

AC 20-025

73,00 €/pcs.

MS 16/20

32,00 €/pcs.


875,00 €/pcs.


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35,00 €/pcs.


33,00 €/pcs.


50,00 €/pcs.

Please note that the respective sizes require different accessories.

User Manual IEG-Series

3D-CAD model IEG 55-020 and FL-ISO50-IEG55

3D-CAD model FL-ISO50-IEG55 black

3D-CAD model FL-ISO50-IEG55 chemical nickel plated

3D-CAD model IEG 76-030 and FL-ISO50-IEG76

IO-Link device description file IEG series