Seamless Integration with GRIPLINK®

GRIPLINK® connects the components of your end-of-arm tool with the robot controller, bundling control and monitoring data into a unique software ecosystem.

Whether sensor or actuator: the integration effort is reduced to a minimum. Thanks to cross-device plug-ins for all common platforms and robot manufacturers and the easy-to-understand command set, even complex applications can be implemented in no time at all.

GRIPLINK® offers you more flexibility and shorter implementation times when realizing your application compared to conventional solutions based on a PLC and/or fieldbus couplers.

Next generation End-of-Arm Tooling

Take your advantage with the new GRIPLINK® technology and be one step ahead of your market competitors!


GRIPLINK® replaces expensive hardware and increases the availability of your machine. Benefit from a fast return on investment (ROI).


Save valuable resources and use ready-made integration modules instead of always reinventing the wheel.


With GRIPLINK® technology, you live Smart Factory. Monitor all relevant parameters via the integrated dashboard and always have your handling process securely under control.


With GRIPLINK® your application becomes agile. Easily adapt the process to changing requirements.

GRIPLINK® Controller - The hub within your application

As the central building block within the application, the GRIPLINK® controller bridges the control technology gap between the EOAT components and the robot controller. Thanks to its integrated driver architecture, it abstracts the function of connected sensors and actuators via a uniform command set and makes them available to the robot controller. For communication with the EOAT components, GRIPLINK® relies on the reliable IO-Link protocol. GRIPLINK® uses the know-how of the respective device manufacturer to optimally implement the functional scope of the supported devices. In this way, smart field devices can be integrated into your own application with minimum effort.


Your advantage: Ready-made modules for your automation task shorten your development time. High reliability thanks to IO-Link and pre-certified integration.

Unique control concept

The core of the GRIPLINK® ecosystem is the GRIPLINK® controller with its universal command set. It can be used to control gripping systems, read out sensor data, and likewise configure and monitor components. In contrast to conventional integration using a PLC, where measurement and control data must be assembled at the byte level, GRIPLINK® technology offers true data continuity of all measurement and control parameters directly into the robot program.

Your advantage: No "low level bit banging", but true control on functional level.

Plug and Produce

GRIPLINK®, with its powerful plug-ins, optimally links the capabilities of the end-of-arm tool with the possibilities of the robot controller. As a result, even complex applications can be realized with little effort.

Instead of integrating the components of your end-of-arm tool individually via a PLC, use GRIPLINK® and thus offload your engineering team. This keeps development, documentation and service costs low and gives you more capacity for new projects.

Centralized and uniform configuration

With GRIPLINK®, even devices with extensive functionality are integrated in no time. Thanks to the easy-to-use web interface, the capabilities of your end-of-arm tool can be commissioned and monitored across manufacturers with minimal effort. This eliminates the need for additional device manufacturer software. Thanks to smart device management, GRIPLINK® automatically recognizes the connected components and set-up becomes a breeze.

In addition, the web interface is cross-platform and accessible on a wide range of PCs and tablets without further software installation - optimal for use directly at the plant.

Data processing in the Cloud

With GRIPLINK® technology, you can make the current data of the handling process directly available to the IT management level. For this purpose, the GRIPLINK® controller supports REST and MQTT (option) interfaces. In this way, the current process data of the end-of-arm tool can be queried via GRIPLINK® at any time and transmitted to the higher-level process control unit - regardless of whether this is located in the internal machine network, the in-house network or decentralized in the cloud.

Use your data to optimize manufacturing and handling processes, detect failures at an early stage and effectively prevent them.

Be in control!

GRIPLINK® has a powerful device management system. Clear dashboards offer the user the possibility to always keep an eye on the relevant parameters.

GRIPLINK® determines a central health status for each connected device. This shows at a glance whether user intervention is required, for example if optical sensors are dirty or there was a technical defect in a component.


Supported platforms

Together with leading robot manufacturers, WEISS ROBOTICS provides pre-built and tested plugins that allow you to seamlessly integrate GRIPLINK® technology into your own robot application without any hassle.

Your advantage: Get started right away without always having to reinvent the wheel!

The GRIPLINK® technology is available for the following platforms or robot brands:


Supported Devices

Rely on the GRIPLINK ecosystem for your next project and benefit from reliable technology, high availability and short integration times.
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