CLG series

CLG series

CLG 30-006

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Servo-electric gripping module for small parts handling, gripping force 30 N, stroke 6 mm, sensorless gripping force control, integrated workpiece detection and monitoring, gripping force safety device, LED status display, IO-Link interface

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Hygienic Design

CLG - the world's smallest servo-electric gripper, combines the full expertise of Weiss Robotics on just 45 cm³. Due to his hygienic design with smallest gap dimensions the CLG guarantees perfect usability for clean applications. Whether for pharmaceutical applications, electronic parts handling or in the food industry, the CLG shows its strengths wherever particularly high hygienic requirements prevail.

Sichere Handhabung elektronischer Baugruppen mit den neuen Greifern der IEG ESD-Reihe WEISS ROBOTICS
eingebaute Greifsteuerung WEISS ROBOTICS

Advantage IO-Link

IO-Link is a fieldbus-independent interface that ensures seamless communication down to the "last meter" of the field level. With IO-Link, the CLG 30 can be connected to the control level via a cost-effective point-to-point connection. As an open interface, IO-Link can be integrated into all common fieldbus and automation systems.

Sensor-less part detection

The CLG 30 has a built-in gripper control with gripper part recognition and grip monitoring. This guarantees safe handling even in difficult situations. Due to its precise servo-electric drive, the gripper fingers can be flexibly pre-positioned and thus different workpieces can be gripped without retooling. The otherwise common external proximity switches are not required, which minimizes the disturbing contour of the gripper and significantly increases process reliability.

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