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CLG 30-006

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Servo-electric gripping module for small parts handling, gripping force 30 N, stroke 6 mm, sensorless gripping force control, integrated workpiece detection and monitoring, gripping force safety device, LED status display, IO-Link interface

  CLG 30-006
Full stroke 6 mm
Gripping force 10-30 N
Cycle time 0.1 s
Workpiece weight (form fit / force fit) 0.2 kg / 0.1 kg
Communication IO-Link V1.1
Kinematics parallel


Estimated delivery by 26.07.2024

Product description

Hygienic Design

The CLG is the world's smallest fully integrated servo gripper. On only 45 cm³ it combines the entire know-how of WEISS ROBOTICS. Due to its hygienic design with smallest gap dimensions, the CLG is optimally suited for clean handling. Its high-precision mechanics and sensorless gripping force control make it suitable for use in pharmaceutical applications, for handling electronic components or in general micro-assembly.

Integrated part detection

The CLG has a built-in gripper controller with part detection and monitoring feature. This guarantees a safe handling even for demanding workpieces. Due to its precise servo-electric drive, the gripper fingers can be flexibly pre-positioned and thus different workpieces can be gripped without the need for retooling. Conventional external sensors are not required, which minimizes the interference contour of the gripper and significantly increases process reliability.

Advantage IO-Link

IO-Link is a fieldbus-independent interface that ensures seamless communication down to the "last meter" of the field level. With IO-Link, the CLG 30 can be connected to the control level via a cost-effective point-to-point connection. As an open interface, IO-Link can be integrated into all common fieldbus and automation systems.

Preset-based configuration

With the CLG, workpieces are defined via presets. A preset contains the RELEASE limit, the NO-PART limit and the gripping force required to safely grip a workpiece. The parameters for up to two workpiece classes can be stored on the gripper during configuration phase. In operation, the previously defined presets are selected directly via the process data - this simplifies the control significantly. In order to realize adaptive applications, the presets can also be adapted to new requirements during operation.

Robotic handling with GRIPLINK®

With GRIPLINK® technology, you can integrate your gripping module directly into your robot application in no time at all. Via ready-made plug-ins, GRIPLINK® makes the functions of the gripping module directly available in the robot program - neither any conventional fieldbus interfaces nor any additional PLC are required for your end-of-arm tool to work with your robot. Concentrate entirely on your application - GRIPLINK® takes care of the robot low-level integration for you. Learn more...

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