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CRG 30-050

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Servo-electric gripper module for collaborative applications, gripping force 30 N, stroke 50 mm, sensorless force control, integrated part detection and monitoring, , gripping force retention, LED ring for status visualization, IO-Link interface.

  CRG 30-050 CRG 200-085
Full stroke 50 mm 85 mm
Gripping force 15-30 N 75-200 N
Cycle time 0.27 s 0.34 s
Workpiece weight (form fit / force fit) 2.7 kg / 0.15 kg 4.3 kg / 1.0 kg
Communication IO-Link V1.1 IO-Link V1.1
Kinematics parallel parallel


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Product description

Working together

The servo grippers of the CRG series were specially designed for interaction between humans and robots. With their rounded edges and a safely limited gripping force, they already meet the DGUV recommendations for collaborative robot systems as standard and thus considerably simplify the risk assessment of the overall system.

PERMAGRIP® gripping force retention

The PERMAGRIP® technology developed by WEISS ROBOTICS maintains up to 100% of the set gripping force on the workpiece, even if the power supply to the gripper is unexpectedly interrupted.

With PERMAGRIP®, worker safety is the first priority. The patented technology ensures that the gripper fingers do not snap shut during manual workpiece removal. This makes PERMAGRIP®the first fully collaborative gripping force retention system that can be used safely in direct interaction with humans. This means for your equipment: safe handling at all times without workpiece loss.

Absolute position sensing

To ensure that production can continue seamlessly when the line is restarted, the gripping modules of the CRG series feature an integrated absolute position measurement, which does not require the usual homing procedure at startup. This means that the gripping process can easily be continued even if the power supply was previously interrupted by an emergency stop or a restart of the plant program.

Smart connection with IO-Link

For the control of the CRG gripping modules, WEISS ROBOTICS relies on the industry standard IO-Link. Using the preset-based configuration, workpieces can be defined with only three parameters and conveniently addressed during operation via the process data. Cyclical feedback of the gripping state and the current gripping distance means you always have your process under tight control.

Reliable and safe gripping

For reliable and repeatable handling of workpieces, the gripping modules of the CRG series feature a model-based sensorless gripping force control, which regulates the gripping force very precisely and independently of external influences. This also enables the handling of workpieces made of brittle or compliant materials that are otherwise difficult to grip in a process-safe manner. For collaborative use, the gripping modules have an integrated safety circuit that prevents impermissible force levels.

Status display

The programmable illuminated ring, which is visible from all sides of the CRG grippers, informs the worker intuitively about the current system status by means of various light patterns and colors. This facilitates the assessment of the machine, making the cooperation between man and robot particularly smooth and hazard-free.

Robotic handling with GRIPLINK®

With GRIPLINK® technology, you can integrate your gripping module directly into your robot application in no time at all. Via ready-made plug-ins, GRIPLINK® makes the functions of the gripping module directly available in the robot program - neither any conventional fieldbus interfaces nor any additional PLC are required for your end-of-arm tool to work with your robot. Concentrate entirely on your application - GRIPLINK® takes care of the robot low-level integration for you. Learn more...

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