IEG PLUS series

IEG PLUS 40-020

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Servo-electric gripper module with sensorless force control, integrated part detection and monitoring, pre-positionable fingers. Gripping force 40 N, stroke 20 mm, IO-Link interface, ESD conductive, splashproof (IP 54).

  IEG PLUS 40-020 IEG PLUS 260-030
Full stroke 20 mm 30 mm
Gripping force 6-40 N 26-260 N
Cycle time 0.25 s 0.30 s
Workpiece weight (form fit / force fit) 3.5 kg / 0.2 kg 5.5 kg / 1.3 kg
Communication IO-Link V1.1 IO-Link V1.1
Kinematics parallel parallel


Estimated delivery by 20.06.2024

Product description

30% more gripping power

The IEG PLUS series is the ideal choice for handling small parts in assembly automation. The patented belt kinematics enables precise and sensitive gripping over the entire stroke and has a 30% higher gripping force than the IEG series. Double-bearing fingers guarantee maximum precision and robustness even in demanding applications.

Improved design

When designing the IEG PLUS series, great attention was paid to robustness. The sealed integrated control enables use under harsh environmental conditions and makes the IEG PLUS gripper modules flexible all-rounders. Thanks to the improved, integrated gripping force control, sensitive workpieces can also be gripped reliably with a low gripping force.

Refined design

Thanks to the fundamentally revised housing design, collaborative applications according to ISO/TS 15066 now also benefit from the reliable IEG PLUS series. Rounded edges protect workers during direct interaction with the gripping module. Particularly clever: IEG PLUS gripping modules can be mounted from the front or the back. This gives you maximum flexibility in the design of your application.

Smart Interface

The integrated IO-Link interface creates flexibility. It does not only simplify the connection to the process control via a standardized protocol, but also simplifies parameterization and diagnostics in the system. Using IO-Link devices gains you always full control over your manufacturing process.

Robotic handling with GRIPLINK®

With GRIPLINK® technology, you can integrate your gripping module directly into your robot application in no time at all. Via ready-made plug-ins, GRIPLINK® makes the functions of the gripping module directly available in the robot program - neither any conventional fieldbus interfaces nor any additional PLC are required for your end-of-arm tool to work with your robot. Concentrate entirely on your application - GRIPLINK® takes care of the robot low-level integration for you. Learn more...

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