IEG PLUS series

IEG PLUS 40-020

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Servo-electric gripper module with sensorless force control, integrated part detection and monitoring, pre-positionable fingers. Gripping force 40 N, stroke 20 mm, IO-Link interface, ESD conductive, splashproof (IP 54).

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30% higher gripping force

The IEG PLUS series is the perfect choice for handling small workpieces in assembly automation. The patented belt kinematics enables precise and sensitive gripping over the entire
stroke and has a 30% higher gripping force than the IEG series. Its twin-guided fingers guarantee maximum precision and robustness even in demanding applications.

Improved design

Due to its splash-proof design, the IEG PLUS series is a flexible all-rounder. Thanks to its improved integrated gripping force control, even sensitive workpieces can be gripped with superiour reliablility at low gripping forces.


Thanks to the fundamentally revised housing design, collaborative applications now also benefit from the reliable IEG PLUS series. Ready-made GRIPKITs with suitable robot plugins are available for fast and easy integration into the robot application.


The integrated IO-Link interface creates flexibility. It not only simplifies the connection to the process control using a standardized protocol, but also simplifies parameterization and diagnostics in the system. Always have your process under control.


The robust and smooth-running roller bearing guide enables precise and sensitive gripping over the entire stroke. The gripping force is almost independent of the finger length. The maintenance-free brushless DC servo motor ensures high dynamics and a long service life.

Accessories IEG PLUS series


483,00 €/pcs.

Basic plates BE-16

from 63,00 €/pcs.

Basic plates BE-20

from 84,00 €/pcs.

DP 16-005

53,00 €/pcs.

DP 20-005

42,00 €/pcs.

Finger elements FE-16

from 63,00 €/pcs.

Finger elements FE-20

from 95,00 €/pcs.

Grip inserts FT-16

from 63,00 €/pcs.

Grip inserts FT-20

from 53,00 €/pcs.

T-elements TE-16

from 63,00 €/pcs.

T-elements TE-20

from 84,00 €/pcs.

AC 16-020

63,00 €/pcs.

AC 20-025

84,00 €/pcs.

MS 16/20

42,00 €/pcs.


1670,00 €/pcs.


966,00 €/pcs.


43,00 €/pcs.


53,00 €/pcs.


53,00 €/pcs.


53,00 €/pcs.


43,00 €/pcs.

Please note that the respective sizes require different accessories.