Permanent monitoring of the gripped part during the entire handling process makes reliable handling child's play, even with difficult workpieces. The standard integrated part detection and monitoring makes the handling of your workpieces considerably easier.


With the flexibly positionable base jaws of the servo-electric gripping modules from Weiss Robotics you can optimally adapt the gripping range to the gripping part. The gripping width can be simply preselected via IO-Link. Have your workpiece securely under control.


The servo-electric gripping modules form Weiss Robotics have an integrated gripping control using a hybrid force controller to guarantee a high-performance gripping process even in difficult applications. With the sensor-less griping force control, the servo-electric grippers handle even brittle, fragile or flexible parts effortlessly and ensure a consistently reproducible gripping result.


The servo-electric grippers from Weiss Robotics are a smart choice for reliable handling of different parts with similar geometry. Up to four different grips can be stored in the gripping module and directly called from within the robot program. Thus, the handling of different parts without time-consuming and costly retooling can be realized particularly easily.

CRG series

CRG 30-050

Weiss Robotics |


Servo-electric gripper module for collaborative applications, gripping force 30 N, stroke 50 mm, sensorless force control, integrated part detection and monitoring, , gripping force retention, LED ring for status visualization, IO-Link interface.

Product CRG 30-050 CRG 200-085
Full stroke 50 mm 85 mm
Gripping force 15-30 N 75-200 N
Cycle time 0.27 s 0.34 s
Weight 2.7 kg 4.3 kg
Communication IO-Link IO-Link
Kinematics parallel parallel



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