STG 200-085

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Aseptic servo-electric gripper module STERIGRIP, gripping force 200 N, stroke 85 mm, IO-Link interface, gripping force retention, GMP Class A

  STG 40-024 STG 200-030 STG 200-085
Full stroke 24 mm 30 mm 85 mm
Gripping force 12-40 N 30-200 N 30-260 N
Cycle time 0.25 s 0.30 s 0.30 s
Workpiece weight (form fit / force fit) 3.5 kg / 0.2 kg 5.5 kg / 1.3 kg 4.0 kg / 1.0 kg
Communication IO-Link V1.1 IO-Link V1.1 IO-Link V1.1
Kinematics parallel parallel parallel
Cleanroom class (ISO 14644-1) ISO 3 ISO 3 ISO 3
Gripping force retention PERMAGRIP® no no yes


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Product description

STERIGRIP® - The new standard for aseptic gripping

The STERIGRIP® servo-electric gripper modules were specifically designed for handling tasks in ultra-clean aseptic environments. With its GMP Class A cleanliness certification the STERIGRIP® series even meet the highest pharmaceutical requirements. The outer materials used are proven in the pharmaceutical industry, FDA-compliant and compatible with common CIP/SIP processes, including VHP sterilization.STERIGRIP® is completely sealed when mounted onto a robot arm. The patented construction in Hygienic Design with only four external screws simplifies decontamination and effectively protects your process from contamination and active ingredient carryover.

Reliable gripping technology

With STERIGRIP®, WEISS ROBOTICS brings its proven smart gripping technology to biotech and pharmaceutical applications. STERIGRIP® gripping modules use an integrated, high-precision gripping object detection and monitoring algorithm that makes external sensors superfluous. This reduces the total number of components required and avoids additional installations in the isolator.

Precision without compromises

STERIGRIP® has a sensorless gripping force control that ensures a stable working point throughout the gripping process. This reduces wear on the gripping part and minimizes the contact particle emissions to a minimum.

The particularly rigid guide construction of the STERIGRIP® gripping modules allows the attachment of extra-long fingers in order to keep the valuable product at a safe distance from the robot. In this way you already meet the requirements of the new GMP Annex 1.

The precise pre-positioning of the fingers ensures constructive freedom in the design of the pick-up and storage positions. Diving into narrow slots or handling products with a high packing density wasn't ever easier!

Certified for challenging applications

STERIGRIP® gripping modules were specifically designed for high-end applications in pharmaceutical clean rooms. The extensive investigations by experts from the German Fraunhofer IPA Institute underline this. Particle emission, cleanability and the materials used have been independently tested and certified.
Benefit from a certified standard gripping module as the basis for your pharmaceutical handling process.

Clever integration using GRIPLINK®

Together with STERIGRIP®, the GRIPLINK technology offers decisive advantages for your pharmaceutical project.

With GRIPLINK technology, you can integrate STERIGRIP® into the robot controller in no time at all. Ready-made plugins for Stäubli Robotics and other leading robot brands offer the highest level of reliability with minimal integration effort. This means that STERIGRIP® can be controlled directly from the robot program. A conventional and yet time-lasting integration via a separate PLC is no longer necessary. This significantly reduces the effort for implementation, testing and documentation. And, in addition, the integrated data consistency enables you to use process parameters directly in the robot program and thus react directly to changes in the process.

Accessories STERIGRIP® series


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