WPG Series

High Performance Gripping

The large stroke with compact external dimensions and the wide gripping force range make the WPG series gripping modules to real all-rounders among today's servo grippers.
Its powerful servo drive combined with a state-of-the-art grip controller enables short cycle times with precisely controlled gripping force for maximum reliability of the gripping process.

Sichere Handhabung elektronischer Baugruppen mit den neuen Greifern der IEG ESD-Reihe WEISS ROBOTICS
eingebaute Greifsteuerung WEISS ROBOTICS

Simple Parametrization

The WPG series has a powerful, network-capable gripper controller that can be parameterized and diagnosed easily via web browser.

Robot-based gripping

Together with leading robot manufacturers, Weiss Robotics provides ready-made and tested plugins with which you can seamlessly and effortlessly integrate the WPG series gripper modules into your own robot application..

WEISS ROBOTICS Modellbasierte Regelung
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Transparent gripping process

Thanks to the integrated OPC-UA server, the WPG series can be connected directly to MES, ERP or the cloud for the first time without the need for additional components. This enables you to permanently monitor the process parameters in your gripping application in order to document processes and identify deviations at an early stage.

Accessories WPG series


84,00 €/pcs.


105,00 €/pcs.

AC 20-025

84,00 €/pcs.

Basic plates BE-20

from 84,00 €/pcs.

DP 20-005

42,00 €/pcs.

Finger elements FE-20

from 95,00 €/pcs.

Grip inserts FT-20

from 53,00 €/pcs.

T-elements TE-20

from 84,00 €/pcs.

Please note that the respective sizes require different accessories.


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