WPG series

WPG 100-090

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Servo-electric gripper module with Ethernet interface for universal use, gripping force up to 100 N, stroke 90 mm, integrated part detection and monitoring, pre-positionable fingers. Easy configuration and diagnosis via web browser. Integration solutions for leading robot brands available.

  WPG 100-090 WPG 300-120
Full stroke 90 mm 120 mm
Gripping force 10-100 N 30-300 N
Cycle time 0.2 s 0.2 s
Workpiece weight (form fit / force fit) 4.0 kg / 0.5 kg 6.0 kg / 1.5 kg
Communication Ethernet Ethernet
Kinematics parallel parallel


Product description

High performance gripping

The large stroke with compact external dimensions and the wide gripping force range make the gripping modules of the WPG series real all-rounders among modern servo grippers. The powerful servo drive enables short cycle times with precisely controlled position and gripping force for maximum reliability of the gripping process.

The design whith sealed control electronics according to IP54 makes it possible to use the WPG under harsh environmental conditions. Thanks to its double-bearing base jaws, even long gripper fingers are no problem.

Read-made plug-ins that bring your gripper directly into your robot application make the WPG gripping modules the first choice when in comes to robot-assisted handling.

The gripping process always in sight

The WPG series has a built-in powerful and modular gripper controller with a direct network connection. The function of the gripping module can be easily adapted to the requirements of the system via additionally available license options. The parameterization and diagnosis of the WPG gripping modules is carried out easily and conveniently via web browser. This gives you direct and platform-independent access to the gripping process at any time without the need to install additional software.

Embedded GRIPLINK Technology

The WPG series gripper modules are made for robot-assisted handling and directly support the WEISS ROBOTICS GRIPLINK technology. This means, you can simply use the proven GRIPLINK plugins to control the WPG directly by your own robot application. For more complex applications requiring multiple EOAT components, you can connect multiple WPG grippers and GRIPLINK controllers together to form a virtual GRIPLINK network.

Your advantage: A pre-certified solution and significantly reduced efforts for integration, test and setup.

Available Plug-Ins

WPG grippers are compatible with the GRIPLINK technology by WEISS ROBOTICS. Ready-to-use plug-ins are available for these robot brands:

Accessories WPG series


620,00 €/pcs.


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105,00 €/pcs.

Please note that the respective sizes require different accessories.