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WSG 32-068

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Servo-electric gripper module with Ethernet interface, gripping force 50 N, stroke 68 mm, integrated part detection and monitoring, pre-positionable fingers. Integrated sensor port for active force measurement fingers. Control via TCP/IP with text-based GCL protocol, web interface for configuration and diagnosis. Optional interface: PROFINET RT (please order options separately).

  WSG 32-068 WSG 50-110
Full stroke 68 mm 110 mm
Gripping force 5-50 N 5-80 N
Cycle time 0.2 s 0.2 s
Workpiece weight (form fit / force fit) 1.5 kg / 0,25 kg 3.0 kg / 0.8 kg
Communication Ethernet, Profinet Ethernet, Profinet, Profibus
Kinematics parallel parallel


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Product description

Intelligent Monitoring

Due to the continuous monitoring of finger movement and gripping force, the WSG series automatically detects contact with the gripping part and monitors it over the entire handling process. This frees the system control from grip-specific functions and eliminates the otherwise necessary external position switches. This enables you to achieve a high level of process reliability with minimal integration effort.

Performance meets precision

The grippers of the WSG series combine lightweight construction with long service life and precision. The heart of the gripping modules is a brushless precision drive with an enormous power density. This drives the fingers via belt kinematics, which guarantees the synchronism of the fingers even under difficult conditions.

Adapt the gripper to your application

Do you want to adapt your gripper specifically to your application? No problem, because the WSG series has a powerful script extension with which you can access a variety of internal functions via the Lua programming language. With the script editor integrated in the configuration interface, you can easily write additional programs and save them directly on the gripping module. Special movement profiles can thus be implemented as well as extensions to the command set or the integration of additional sensors in the gripping process. This makes the WSG series a versatile gripping module with an unprecedented level of flexibility.

Precise force control for sensitive grips

For the WSG series, we offer different types of fingers with or without integrated sensors. For example, the WSG-FMF force measuring finger can be used to measure the actual gripping force directly on the gripping part. The measured values are read directly into the control loop of the gripper control via the sensor port and processed there. This enables the gripper to precisely regulate the effective gripping force and enables you to handle even highly sensitive gripping parts safely.

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Operating Manual (German)
Operating Manual (English)
Operating Manual (German)
Operating Manual (English)
Refence Manual for binary command protocol (German)
Refence Manual for binary command protocol (English)
Reference manual for text-based GCL command protocol (German)
Reference manual for text-based GCL command protocol (English)
Reference manual Field Bus Interface (German)
Reference manual Field Bus Interface (English)
WSG Profinet Device Description File (GSDML)
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