RPG series

RPG series

RPG 75-012

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Smart pneumatic gripper module with integrated valves, absolute position sensor, integrated part detection and monitoring. Easy configuration of the gripping range via software. Gripping force 220 N, stroke 12 mm, IO-Link interface.

Product RPG 75-012 RPG 120-020
Full stroke 12 mm 20 mm
Gripping force 220 N 550 N
Cycle time 0.09 s 0.16 s
Weight 15 kg 22 kg
Communication IO-Link IO-Link
Kinematic parallel parallel


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Integrated grip control

The gripping modules of the RPG series not only make the gripping process more reliable than is possible with previous pneumatic gripping solutions, but also significantly faster. The integrated control with its optimized part detection enables a gripping rate of up to 500 gripping cycles per minute. In this way, your handling process is noticeably accelerated and thus the productivity of your system is substantially improved.

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Integrated valve technology

The RPG is extremely resource-efficient and uses significantly less compressed air than conventional solutions. This is made possible by moving the valve technology from the valve terminal to the inside of the gripping module and consequently avoiding dead volume. If you previously only had a meter of hose between your pneumatic gripper and the valve terminal, you can save more than 90% compressed air with the RPG.


Manually adjustable limit switches are no longer required because the gripping modules of the RPG series have an integrated position sensor with virtual limit switches that can be conveniently parameterized via IO-Link. This reduces wiring and adjustment work and increases the reliability of your system substantially.

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The gripping modules of the RPG series achieve their long service life and high precision through precision-ground T-slot guides and a particularly torsion-resistant construction. On the control side, continuous self-diagnosis ensures the correct functioning of the gripping module at all times. Plant downtime due to faults that are difficult to locate are a thing of the past.


Get access to characteristic parameters of the gripping process directly from the gripping module. The RPG not only provides you with the current gripping distance via IO-Link, e.g. the average closing time or the remaining number of grips until the next maintenance. This allows you to better plan maintenance intervals and keeps your system in optimal condition at all times.

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User Manual RPG-Series

3D-CAD model RPG 75-012 and FL-ISO50-RPG75

3D-CAD model RPG 120-020 and FL-ISO50-RPG120

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