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Patented grip part detection

The ZPG 75 has the patented workpiece detection from Weiss Robotics as standard. This allows the gripped workpiece to be recognized quickly and reliably without external limit switches, which enables high gripping rates of typically 320 gripping cycles per minute. In addition, the gripping part is continuously monitored during handling. This avoids expensive additional sensors and makes the gripping process more reliable than is possible with previous pneumatic gripping solutions.

No external sensors

The ZPG 75's integrated sensors record the exact position of the base jaws with a resolution of 0.1 mm. You no longer need external limit switches on the gripping module and thus minimize the interference contour of the gripping unit. You also benefit from a precise gripping point specification that can be flexibly adjusted during operation via IO-Link in order to optimize the ongoing process.

WEISS ROBOTICS Keine externen Sensoren Positionsgenau.

High availability

The ZPG 75 achieves its long service life and high precision thanks to the precision-ground T-slot guides and a particularly torsion-resistant construction. Inside, continuous self-diagnosis ensures the correct functioning of the gripping module at all times. Plant downtime due to faults that are difficult to locate are a thing of the past.


Get access to characteristic parameters of the gripping process directly from the gripping module. The ZPG 75 not only provides the current gripping distance in millimeters via IO-Link, but also the average gripping and release time as well as the remaining number of cycles until the next maintenance. This gives you detailed insights into the stability of your gripping process and also enables predictive planning of maintenance and service.

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ZPG 75 von Weiss Robotics

The smart choice for machine loading

Be safe. Rely on the ZPG 75 from Weiss Robotics. With protection class IP 54K, a coolant-resistant model, electronically adjustable gripping points and a very compact interference contour, it is the first choice for applications related to machine loading.

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